We undertake relocations in Thessaloniki, Athens, Crete, the entirety of Greece and abroad.

Relocation – transportation are one of the greatest challenges. Fatigue, inconvenience, boxes, upset, equipment.

– Right?


Do the right move and save yourselves from all your problems with a phone call. Just relax and enjoy your new house and leave the tiring work of relocation or micro-transportation to us.

Relocation in practice

μετακομίσεις στη Θεσσαλονίκηyour household removals with the best materials that are available in the market paying all the attention and appreciation that your fortune requires. Forget about packing your clothes; all you need to do is get them out of the closet on the day that the relocation – transportation takes place and we will hang them on the special portable hangers. In this way, they are transported with safety without afflictions or creasing and you may easily place them in their new position.
Following this, we undertake the transportation of your household removals paying the required attention, with convenient and modern tracks, after bringing them down with the safest cranes available in the market. In case there are household removals that need safekeeping, they will be transferred to our storehouses where they will be kept in safety.
As soon as we arrive at your new house, the closets and the rest pieces of furniture that need reassembly will be fixed by our expertised staff, the electric devices and the chandeliers will be connected, the furniture will be put in the positions you will suggest and all the boxes will be transferred next to their final destination.

We have been experts in relocation & transportation since 1970

Our headquarters are situated in Thessaloniki, but we also have offices in Athens and in Crete, as well as a network of associates throughout all Greece and Europe. Aside from relocations in Thessaloniki – Athens – Crete, exclusive or combined, in Greece (mainland and island), we can also provide you service with complete or groupage cargos in countries of the European Union and beyond.

We know what we do and we do it in the best price.