Relocations Abroad – We perform transportations to Thessaloniki, to Athens and throughout Greece, Europe and the entire world

Epiplometaforiki offers a complete set of services for the storage, sorting out and delivery of your products within the region of the Prefectures of Thessaloniki, Attica and Heracleion of Crete as well as in other destinations in the Greek territory and in countries abroad.

Our registered seat is in Thessaloniki; however, we also have subsidiary shops in Athens and in Crete. Our customers are dispersed throughout the entirety of Greece as well as quite often in countries of Europe. Therefore, it is certain that we can cover any transportation and relocation destination.

Our exclusive transportation destinations (complete cargos) for abroad are: England, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Turkey as well as the entirety of Europe. It is needless to say that we also provide service for groupage to Australia, America and anywhere else it is necessary. 

The checkpoints for daily or/and weekly missions in Greece are: Athens, Crete, Alexandroupoli, Lemnos, Volos, Drama, Serres, Larissa. 

Our customer will be fully informed on the transportations, the arrivals and the deliveries of his/her merchandise by experienced staff that works on a daily basis for the proper carrying out of your deliveries. 

Η μετακόμιση στο εξωτερικό είναι από τις εργασίες που εξειδικευόμαστε. Ο πελάτης μας είναι πλήρως ενημερωμένος για τις μεταφορές, τις αφίξεις και τις παραδόσεις της οικοσυσκευής του ή των εμπορευμάτων του από το έμπειρο προσωπικό μας που εργάζεται καθημερινά για την σωστή διεξαγωγή των εργασιών σας.