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We undertake the Transportation, Packaging, Storage and Safekeeping of your household removals

Transportation, Packaging, Storage, Safekeeping. We are experts in all services concerning transportation, relocation, safekeeping and storage. Read more on:

– The transportation of your household removals or your office
– The ambalage and packaging
– The storage and safekeeping of your items


Our enterprise takes care of having the best and most modern vehicles always at your own service for the transportation of your household removals or your office.

We have been occupied with an expertized object (the transportation of furniture) and we take good care of our permanent staff via proper training programs in order to keep their training constantly at an excellent level. We also take care of always finding the “fine balance” in providing high quality services in very low prices. The transportation is carried out with modern truck vehicles of our enterprise, properly modified according to the needs of each transportation.

It has already been 46 years that all professionals in the market of furniture have been showing their trust in our enterprise, acknowledging thus our professionalism.

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Packaging – Ambalage

The packaging & ambalage of furniture and the packing of small items has been always considered by our enterprise as a substantial part of our work. The expertized permanent Greek staff undertakes the packaging of your household removals, always with the greatest attention and the utmost safety. Consequently, we have always laid and we do lay particular emphasis on it, packing your items (either these consist in household equipment or in professional equipment) with particular attention and possibly with the same interest and concern with which you would do it yourselves. We add our professionalism to all these, as well as the ideal special packing materials for this work, which we have taken good care to import from abroad based on the European high standards at a particularly low cost. Our services include the full packaging of a set of household removals, such as pieces of furniture, glassware, paintings, works of art, kitchenware, sensitive electronic devices, clothing etc.

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Storage – Safekeeping

STORAGE AND SAFEKEEPING OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD REMOVALS. Epiplometaforiki undertakes the storage of your items for a shorter or greater period of time. We provide you with services for the storage and safekeeping of your household removals in competitive prices and with the greatest safety. Our storage places are properly arranged for the “short-term or long-term” storage of furniture, merchandise, household removals and other items. Our purpose is your safest and most affordable service.