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Storage & Safekeeping of Household Removals

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Storage & Safekeeping of Household Removals.

Αποθήκευση - Φύλαξη της οικοσκευής σας.

We know that quite often the need of Storage & Safekeeping of your objects for a shorter or a greater period of time appears. Within the framework of its full-coverage services, Epiplometaforiki provides you with its assistance on this part as well.
Therefore, wishing to be as useful as possible for our customers, we provide you with services both for the storage and for the safekeeping of your household removals or your merchandise in competitive prices and with the utmost safety.

You can store your household removals in our properly arranged storehouses for as along as it is necessary and to receive them in exactly the same condition as you delivered it to us thanks to the special technique that we use and of course our wholly controlled storage places. It is needless to say that by the end of the storage we can deliver your household removals to you at any part of Greece or Abroad.

We are able to provide you and in fact we have been already providing you with all the above for the last 46 years, not only in the best prices of the market, but also with special discount offers that our enterprise issues in regular intervals.

Hence, we invite you to contact us in order to ask for a direct economic offer and to be able to notice our cheap prices, as well as our professionalism that has characterized our work throughout all these years.

Our OWNED storage places are properly arranged for the “short-term or long-term” Storage & Safekeeping of furniture, merchandise, household removals and other items.

Our purpose is always your safest and most economic service. HOUSEHOLD REMOVALS & MERCHANDISE STORAGE