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Μεταφορά - Μετακομίσεις

Generally speaking, any kind of removal of an object from one point to another can be called transportation.

The history of transportations is entangled with the existence of the human life.

Primitive man used to move by walking. However, he/she soon realized that his/her natural stamina for covering large distances was limited, whereas his/her ability to carry weights for a significant distance was much more limited. These weaknesses led man to search for different means of transportation both for himself/herself and his/her goods, starting in the first place with the use of animals, whereas using his/her inventiveness and as the years went by we have reached to the vehicles, which in turn have also been undergoing development.

For this reason, our enterprise takes care of having the best and the most modern vehicles set for your own service of course.

Nonetheless, aside from the vehicles, development has been also transferred in people’s know-how; this is an aspect in which our enterprise has been investing throughout all these years and we have been considering it as a very important one. We have been occupied with an expertized object (the transportation of furniture) and we have been taking good care of our staff through via proper training programs in order to keep their training constantly at an excellent level.

However, in the hard times that we are passing, we take care of always finding the “fine balance” in providing high quality services in very low prices.

It has already been 46 years that all professionals in the market of furniture have been showing their trust in our enterprise, acknowledging thus our professionalism.

We transport all that can be transported…with safety.

Our purpose is always your safest and most economic service.